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Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada; 43.9000° N, 77.2667° W

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Leaving early for our road trip

This is the beginning of a new life basically; getting out of the old routine, starting fresh again, making new friends, trying something new everyday, discovering new places, etc. I cannot wait to see how this turns out. Our first stop is Ottawa, Ontario, but since it takes a while to get there, we decided to stop at Sandbanks in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Sandbanks Beach Sign

The drive from Mississauga, ON took us only about 2 1/2 hours. We left early, to avoid traffic and to get a good spot on the beach. We've picked this stop, instead of the usual Kingston, ON stop that most people take, since we wanted to see the difference beach-wise in different places. Also, we weren't planning on staying here long, only for the day, so we figured we could stay for a little picnic then continue to our first stop, so we can make it in time for Canada Day tomorrow.

View of Sandbanks Beach

The beach was quite empty when we got there. It's not exactly a real beach like the ones found around the world, but close enough. It was great to be able play some beach volleyball, swim and just relax before going on our long road trip and really hitting the road. Our road trip is only going to end in New Jersey, where we'll then switch to planes.

The Mustang Drive-In in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

Here in Prince Edward County, we went to explore around after our picnic at around 3 pm, and we found that there's a drive-in, called Mustang Drive-In. Since we've never been to one, we really wanted to stay, but the movie that was play didn't start until 7:45 pm, so we couldn't, since we have got a 3 1/2 hour drive to Ottawa. That's the thing about traveling I guess, even if you want to do everything, you can't really and there's only so much time.

But, on the bright side, there's always another chance to do something new somewhere else.

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(Noun) A strong desire to travel.

View My dream trip around half the world on ZK_15's travel map.


Since I was very young, I enjoy discovering new places. I like the idea of traveling from one place to another and learning about different cultures, religions, traditions, etc. I have always dreamed of touring all the countries in the world. I have taken 60 days off of my daily usual routine to visit half the world. Well, not exactly, but close enough, as I will be visiting three new regions in the world.

I was always told that we cannot choose where we come from, but we can choose where we go from there. There are so many countries in the world to visit, yet so little time. I could not choose all of them unfortunately, but I spent a few weeks researching and planning, to decide which countries that I should visit. I have decided that, before I travel the world, I need to learn and see more of my own country, Canada. It is a huge country as it is and it could take the whole 60 days to visit it all.

While planning my trip, I considered the places where I have connections and know locals; as it is the best way to visit a place, the cost, places according to my interests, and safety.

Finally, I was able to plan out an itinerary for my dream trip around half the world for 60 days:


June 30: Leaving Mississauga for Prince Edward, Ontario and Ottawa, Ontario -Canada
July 1st: Ottawa, Ontario -Canada
July 2-3rd: Montreal, Quebec -Canada
July 4th: Quebec City, Quebec -Canada
July 5-6th: Waterbury, Vermont -USA
July 7th: Cambridge + Boston, Massachusetts -USA
July 8th: Boston, Massachusetts -USA
July 9th: New York City, New York - USA
July 10th: Hoboken, New Jersey - USA
July 11 - July 13th: Orlando -Florida, USA
July 14th: St Petersburg, Tampa, Florida - USA
July 15th: Miami, Florida -USA
July 16 - 19th: Nassau/Coco Cay -Bahamas
July 19 - 21st: Cuzco/Machu Picchu -Peru
July 22 - 24th: Buenos Aires -Argentina
July 25 –27th: Rio de Janeiro -Brazil
July 28 - 30th: Cape Town -South Africa
July 31st- August 1st: Johannesburg -South Africa
August 1 - 12th: Mauritius
August 13 - 15th: London -England
August 16 – 21st: Marrakesh -Morocco
August 22 – 28th: Kent + London -England
August 29th: Toronto -Mississauga

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